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Accurate, clean books all
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Multi-entity, US GAAP compliant,
accrual accounting by experienced


Strategic Advisory

CFO dashboard tailored for your
business. Optics = Money

Fintech stack curation and technology management included

Payroll, Accounts Payable. Accounts Receivable. and other supplemental services available to best support your business

About Us

Palmerston Solutions

Palmerston Solutions helps companies succeed by serving as the outsourced Finance team. Our approach guides our clients to develop the infrastructure, habits, and process of a sophisticated tech company. We go beyond clean books and insightful reports to ensure our clients’ long-term success.

Our founder, Jesse Lin, has 15+ years of experience, with time at major public technology companies and rapid growth software startups in Silicon Valley. For the past decade, he has been helping software entrepreneurs transform the world. Jesse has helped a startup grow to $50M and get acquired by Google for $500M, built a payments platform, and oversaw Finance for the #1 fastest growing private software company in the US FY2018.

Palmerston Solutions is based in the greater Los Angeles area.

Our Focus Industries



SaaS, Gaming, Cryptocurrency,
Virtual Reality, and Adtech


Business Services

Marketing, IT, App Development,
Design, and Consulting

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